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Our Mission

Create authentic, gameful, and immersive learning experiences


Games and Simulations in the Flow of Work

Immerse yourself in authentic workplace situations, make critical decisions and experience realistic consequences, as you master key behavioral skills. Flogames provides you a safe, simulated environment to practice and strengthen your skills before utilizing them back at work.

Our Story

Using serious games and narrative simulations to create meaningful learning experiences.

In the summer of 2020, while the  COVID pandemic was raging, a team of passionate learning specialists, psychologists, writers, game artists and developers came together to create a virtual learning experience like no other – an experience where choice based narratives took center stage. The goal was to empower professionals to take an active role in their learning. To learn by doing, rather than by just reading or watching. To make decisions and experience the consequences, rather than just being told what to do.

In-depth research on best practices was conducted. ‘Choose your own adventure’ style stories were written. Heated discussions were had about the various outcomes and decision points, to ensure they were as realistic as could possibly be. Engaging game mechanics were put in place and numerous play tests were conducted – again and again and again, until everything was just right.

With this, Flogames was born and within just 6 months of its launch, over 6000 learners were reached. We continue to work closely with professionals across industries, geographies and experience levels to provide a unique, engaging, game-based learning experience.


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