Flo-book of the Week

Flo-book of the Week!

Unlock your cross cultural intelligence now.

Whether doing business abroad or leading diverse teams, cross cultural skills are essential – yet so few possess them. Gain that vital edge with our condensed cheat sheet full of actionable tips to masterfully navigate global relationships and avoid faux pas.

This quick-read guide punches above its weight. Learn key cultural dimensions, uncover hidden cultural landmines, discover proven communication strategies, and transform team cohesion overnight. Become the envy of your international peers by effortlessly establishing rapport across continents. 

What is a ‘Flobook’?

  • Flobooks allow quick grasp of theories, models, concepts related to workplace learning

  • They provide frameworks and perspectives to enhance training analysis and design

  • Bite-sized blocks of information to explain concepts efficiently with graphs and visual elements

Download the Flo-book on Cross-Cultural Intelligence