How games are changing the way we learn

It’s 7.30 pm, long after Sahil should have logged out for …

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Excited Learner

Games and Mayhem in August

August, 2022 was a month of games and mayhem at Flogames. …

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The choices we must make | How multiple choice simulations help us learn

We spoke to our in-house instructional designers and behavioral psychologists to …

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January 2022

We have had a great January, here at Flogames – new …

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Akamai Apex

A Space Themed Learning Adventure

The Need The Learning and Development team at Akamai India was …

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Flogames picks up a Bronze at Brandon Hall Awards 2021

Akamai Technologies partnered with Skills Cafe‘ Flogames to win a bronze award for …

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Flow in Learning

Flow is a concept largely credited to psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihaly. It …

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