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How games are changing the way we learn


How games are changing the way we learn

It’s 7.30 pm, long after Sahil should have logged out for the day. What’s keeping him at work isn’t an assignment or a report; it’s a simulation game on Agility that he is trying to master and get a high score on.

The game that Sahil is hooked on is one of the 100+ games in the Flogames learning games library. He is one of the many learners who are actively upskilling themselves on critical, soft skills necessary for professionals today. 

Speaking about a similar experience, a learner from one of the largest banks in Asia remarked that they were very excited to play the games. “The games taught me how to understand human behaviour better,” they said. The bank is one of the many companies to have introduced Flogames for employee upskilling and learning. 

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